multiple_designs-wax_seals_in_a_bowl-Dove_white-floral_accents-wax_stamp-botanical_accents-background - Made of Honour Co.
multiple_designs-wax_seals_in_a_bowl-Dove_white-floral_accents-wax_stamp-botanical_accents-background_2 - Made of Honour Co.
Premade wax seals

A modern twist to
a vintage classic

multiple_designs-wax_seals_in_bowl_and_laid_out-Dove_white-Antique_gold-floral-botanical-background_1 - Made of Honour Co.
multiple_designs-wax_seals_in_bowl_and_laid_out-Dove_white-Antique_gold-floral-botanical-background - Made of Honour Co.
Create your own

Discover your
creative side

multiple_custom_printed_designs-wax_seals-multiple_colours_1 - Made of Honour Co.
multiple_custom_printed_designs-wax_seals-multiple_colours-mobile - Made of Honour Co.
Personalized wax seals

Capture your
favourite memories

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with_love-wax_seal-Dove_white-wax_seals_in_bowl-envelope-wedding_items_and_botanical_flatlay-background_2 - Made of Honour Co.
Handmade gifts

Gifts they will
love and cherish

Monthly Wax Seal Box

Unleash your creativity with our monthly wax seal box! Each item is carefully designed, created, and handpicked for a luxurious wax seal experience.

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The Curated Kit

Our most popular product, refreshed with more possibilities. A curated collection of everything you need to start your own wax seal journey and unleash your creativity.

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About me & Made of Honour Co.

Hi, I'm Bernice!

I'm so happy you're here! Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my special little shop. I'm a mom of two, full-time communications professional, sushi lover, and so much more. You're currently looking at my creative expression, passion, and witnessing my journey to achieve my goals. Just like any small business, supporting my shop means you're supporting my dream. I hope you find what you're looking for and if you have any questions or want to chat about wax seals, feel free to reach out!

What others think


Another WONDERFUL purchase. Always great quality and beautifully packaged. Attention to detail is A+ each time I order. The seals are so lovely and well made, I love them so much. Thank you! 🥰❤️


Already received and despite these being "imperfect".... which they really weren't! They are beautiful and amazing quality! Affordable too, and so fun to use for scrapbooking projects.

My new go-to card shop!!! I am so impressed with the cute design, thoughtful packaging, and excellent seller communication! Bernice thinks of every single detail - down to the pre-attached sticker adhesive for the wax seal... WOW! Also super impressed with the quality of this card ... the paper is super sturdy and it just FEELS like a nice/fancy card! First time buying ... but won't be my last!


I’ve been searching for something to make and test wax seals on. Parchment paper just wasn’t working for adhesive to attach easily. This mat is simple clean and small. Love it!


Bought these to use on my wedding invites. They are perfect! I even got 2 extra seals included. Love them! Thank you so much!